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Why Re-Upholster


Quality is the most common reason, especially when you already own the best quality furniture.  Many people just want a new look, a different colour or just a change of scene. Why have the hassle of finding replacement furniture when it already fits in your home and is comfortable?

You can experience the great feeling of having a renewed piece of furniture to your own individual specification. If it is some years since you purchased your furniture and the fabric is looking a little tired and worn, renovation provides a welcome alternative to replacing with new and ensures that your furniture can last for generations. With as little inconvenience as possible, your furniture will be collected, thoroughly inspected and re-upholstered in a new fabric of your choice.

Re-upholstery - ensures that your furniture can really last for generations.

Some reasons why people come to us to re-upholster;




Traditional Upholstery is a precise and time consuming skill, using a number of layers, building up from nothing but the bare wood frame.  In all up to a total of nine layers is used;  Webbing on which springs are fastened, the springs themselves are overlaid with stout hessian.  Then the first layer of stuffing, usually horse hair, which in turn is covered with a lighter weight hessian.  Another thickness of hair or wool is added as a second stuffng which is covered by a calico cloth.  Over the calico goes a thickness or two of wadding to soften the finish before the final top fabric layer.


How we re-upholster your furniture

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The paddingResumo use a variety of materials depending on your individual requirements and the desired finish; cotton or polyester wadding, wool, felt, real hair, rubberised hair and foam.

The undercover layer (calico) Some upholsterers, for reasons of speed and economy, use no under-coverings at all.  Resumo believe that the overall quality of workmanship is more important - this undercover layer holds the majority of the filling and secures the basic shape.  Perhaps more importantly, it provides a flame retardant layer and also prolongs the life of the top covering fabric.  


Reupholstery calico layer

The springing Resumo use traditional springing in our upholstery seats.

Springing contributes to the long-term comfort and durability of your chair or sofa. Traditionally chairs are coil sprung which is an excellent seat platform as coil springs spread the weight of the person evenly across the whole seat, so reducing      


Hessian is used to cover and secure the springs.  A deal of adjustment is necessary to tension the springs evenly.  


Reupholstery bridal ties
Reupholstery Springs

wear on the seat base. They also help you sit deep into the chair, making it more comfortable. Resumo uses deep coil springs which are hand sewn and hand tied into the padding to provide a luxurious seat base. 

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